I'm so glad we bought

28. prosince 2015 v 15:18
I'm so glad we bought this travel system. We're very first time parents and were overcome with selecting between your numerous different child car seats and baby strollers. I was going to buy an infinitely more costly travel system ($1500), whenever we discovered the Chicco Bravo. It's nearly every feature the more costly systems had and more.

Setup from the system required a maximum of twenty minutes and it was super easy to complete. Once setup, we began to experience by using it to determine how easy it had been to fold up after which restore it together. IT Could not Often Be Simpler. Having a single hands you are able to collapse it and also have it prepared to stow away. Better still may be the weight. I was in shops every weekend having fun with different travel systems and not one of them were as simple to control or as lightweight because the Chicco Bravo. The load would be a large concern for all of us called the reason we held on a few of the greater finish travel systems. Using the Bravo, we can certainly lift it into the rear of our truck or Vehicle quickly and easily.

The vehicle chair base seemed to be very easy to setup. I went to my truck planning on be complex and time intensive, however it required me under a few minutes. The vehicle chair easily obtains into position along with the pull of the latch it easily arrives. Our young girl seems to be really comfortable within this chair and that i feel relaxed knowing she's guaranteed in a top quality vehicle chair.

It rides are smooth so we don't have any complaints. You will find numerous add-ons with this particular travel system making it better still, consider I understand anybody reading through it has most likely educate yourself on all of the specifics, I will not list all of them here.

I recommend this travel system with other parents. We were ready to spend much more cash on one, but after investing hrs in various baby stores, we felt it was certainly the very best buy.

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