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28. prosince 2015 v 2:48
This rack was sold-out after i was prepared to order and so i wound up buying it employed for merely a small savings. At $298 a great buy. Set up was easy, taking around an hour for 1 person. I'd advise visiting the PowerLine (really BodySolid) website and searching at or installing the broadened set up instructions. I additionally bought bigger diameter washing machines because the previous owner had dimpled the uprights when putting together. The rack feels pretty solid for the quantity of weight I'll be using. I bought two teams of TDS J Hooks for just twoInch Sq. Tubeand two teams of TDS plate holders for just twoInch tubing plus they fit fine.
I keep your J Hooks looking for squats and benching and employ the initial catches to keep the bars. Home plate holders result in the rack very steady. Buying these products in website led to substantially lower shipping than purchasing in the manufacturer. I'd expect that the TDS add-ons will fit this rack so you will find several options. The 3 inch hole spacing forced me to become a little creative with spacers underneath the bench to locate a comfortable height for that safety bars. A larger complaint would be that the cheapest holes are extremely high for deadlifts, a complete 18" off the floor. The only real better bargain available may be the Atlas Rack which Amazon . com has transported previously but is presently not available, making this the main one to conquer.

This can be a real solid unit -- really worth the money. I have checked out a large number of shelves and that one is one of the best your money can buy -- you almost can't fail unless of course you are searching for an industrial device. For any home exercise space this factor rocks. The only issue may be the set up instructions -- horrible for me. You will need to study them carefully to be certain you receive the best size basics within the right places. I put together it myself but, honestly, it is a two guy job. It isn't hard to assemble whatsoever -- it is simply the set up instuctions are extremely vague you have to genuinely have a strong grasp of the items it's designed to seem like to have it together right. Overall, an excellent unit along with a great value. I would not hesitate to purchase this if you are searching for a cage.

i purchased this for my and me husband (technically he did cuz it's his moola) therefore we can liberate from 24hour fitness. rack is excellent, was simple to assemble, and incredibly sturdy. bad thing is that my hubby is a touch tall (71" tall) so we needed to enhance the rack with bricks therefore we can both do pull-ups. on top of that, workout routines are wonderful, gas is saved, and gym subscriptions are cancelled! forget about awaiting some douche to complete curling inside a squat rack.

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