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Attempted the display model at Sears - it was a couple of in the past- after only a couple of minutes I had been offered. This little home exercise space has everything. Similar to the description of product states, you receive a complete exercise within a few minutes. On top of that the footprint is sufficiently small you are able to fit this within the corner where it's taken care of.

To be more specific of the items I love relating to this gym: The geometry, the angles, chair height changes, handles and leg cushions, pulleys, and overall build all equal to something which seems like lots of thought was put in it. You realize individuals machines that frustrate you when you do not get the entire extension? None is much more frustrating in my experience than making a house gym especially a lat machine where you do not get to achieve completely. This machine even if benching will permit full extensions. Furthermore, you do not spend your time shifting between exercises. The only real pause in exercise you actually need may be the couple of seconds it requires to lean over and alter the load amount.

Customer support using these men seemed to be a b . I'd a few finish caps which were removed, totally reset, and bent in poor condition. The organization sent substitutes without needing to explain myself. If you will find a display somewhere check it out, you will be surprised.

I purchased your body Solid EXM1500 one weekend it showed up on Thursday in 6 boxes, with a few scuffing and punctures, but nothing major.

For those who have a metric socket set, it covers itself with this particular project if you do not, acquire one even before you open the boxes. Next, organize the hardware (I made use of sandwich bags along with a Sharpie). Apart from a few slight discrepancies between your words and also the diagrams, set up is fairly straightforward, though with lots of parts. They can incorporate a small bottle of touch-up fresh paint!

My Customer Support experience: On Sunday, I discovered the base frame was bent. I e-mailed photos to Customer Support. First factor Tuesday morning an e-mail confirmed the alternative part had shipped. It showed up on Friday, well-packed, in top condition, and that i completed set up and started utilizing it Sunday, two days after placing the first order.

Remarkably quick response on the alternative for which seems is the most complex part within the unit. They completely insulated me from the type of freight claim struggle (a hidden damage claim may cause a whole trucking company to automatically go hard of hearing).

A really nicely designed unit, well-thought-out and rugged, with exceptional customer support along with a great cost. I'd certainly get it done once again!

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