We like it. We first got it using

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We like it. We first got it using the optional leg press according to knowledge about similar gyms in hotels. Just before this purchase, she used a complete Gym, which needed lots of modifying for every workout session, and that i used a bench and dumbells. Neither people are body contractors, just senior citizens attempting to keep active, which gym meets our needs now and to return. We checked out different brands/models in shops and on the web, and lastly chosen that one. Even though it what food was in the top end in our cost range, ' tho in the lower finish of what is available, the fir.5 hour set up time versus. as much as 6 hrs for other people would be a key feature. It required us about this time for you to assemble and adjust it and also the press.
The instructions were much better than some, but there's a smaller amount set up needed -- the worst continues to be made by the factory. There is not much on how to use it tho', so intend on other books, an instructor or internet for the way to securely exercise by using it. It arrives with die-cast weights, as much as 160#s, and offers a lot of the exercises we would have liked, without set-up / changes, apart from moving the pin within the weight stack to choose the entire weight you want to use. It requires up an area to eight foot long w/ leg press extended, less w/o, 3.5 foot width, and 6 f 7 in tall. Height would be a consideration within our mfgd home. It's well-built and durable. Our delivery guy joked that he'd return to get it per week whenever we got fed up with it -- which was a few several weeks ago, and we are still utilizing it, 3-5 occasions per week. Becasue it is ready up, we simply need to walk to it, place the pin at our weight selection, sit lower and do our programs. Our daughter comes over and sometimes uses it too. Well worth the cost within our health - so that as near to 'fun' like a workout could be. We'd certainly purchase it again. If you are thinking about it for your house gym, just make certain it will the exercises you would like.

I rarely write reviews however this gym exceeded my anticipation. I am wishing that my buddy-in law will look at this and combine it with his basement gym room he continues to be focusing on within the last four years in order to utilize it next time I visit.

Shipping and Packaging- My home is a province off a little winding road. The motive force didn't have problem setting it up here. It showed up inside a tractor trailer shackled by a pallet. The primary box states it's 81.7" x 27.4" x 13.4". The metal weights were in 3 small boxes. The motive force required them back the pallet and simply wheeled the boxes into my garage on the small hands truck. A couple of people could easily drag this area when they needed to. The packaging was impressive. The card board carton was wood strengthened at a number of points. Within the box all of the parts were packed tightly with card board spacers and strapped safely along with durable zip ties. Don't go wild cutting the ties. The primary frame ties have to be left on before the legs are attached.

Set up- I adopted the instructions coupled with not a problem carrying this out on my own. The primary frame already has got the pulleys and cables attached. I expected the system up and used a seat against one for reds from it for safety as i place the back legs on. Afterward you can walk it into position and finished the set up. I place it on the "CAP Barbell Anti-Microbe 6 piece Puzzle Pad" within the concrete floor. It was the right size for that unit. The instructions were 6 pages and incredibly simple. Written around the left page having a schematic around the right. The nails were vacuum-sealed onto a bit of card board on the size description from the part. They were not designated such as the instruction book however the dimensions were mentioned and simple to determine. All of the holes arranged and the technicality threaded perfectly. Anybody that has ever put anything together can certainly do that. It isn't an Ikea type project. You are able to download the manual at powerlinefitness.com or bodysolid.com to determine what's involved.

Quality and performance- Despite the fact that this area states it's produced in China I had been impressed. The tubing and welding have top quality. (I had been a welder decades ago.) All of the parts run easily and silently. It's not necessary to change parts or re-route cables for doing things. A lot better than my 1990's old-school gym from Sears. It's ample weight and exercises for an average joe that wishes to get fit or add muscle definition. Requiring one that would easily fit in a restricted space after researching other models which were more costly as well as a smaller amount, I'm glad I select that one.

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