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24. ledna 2016 v 16:08
I've only had the timepiece for any week however i am happy using the finish, heft and precision of the watch. Within the holiday's I foolishly lost my $3,000 Omega Seamaster in a TSA check point. I loved my Seamaster, that we had for six years. However, because of my loss, I made the decision to visit lower-market in which a similar bone-headed move wouldn't set me back just as much.

After searching at Citizen, Dark Blue, Jiusko, Tissot, Victorinox, Wenger Ocean Pressure and Zeno, I chosen the SKA371 Seiko at less that 1/tenth the price.

First impressions: clean layout, appearance and heavier than my Seamaster (maybe I'll notice it more when it's this is not on my wrist!). I'd some links removed in a local repair center for seven dollars also it fit just like a glove (or perhaps a watch!). As the watch is large and high and that i have thin arms, they fit me well. Quickly, I loved the additional weight (this can be a substantial watch). Also it feels and looks good on my small skinny arms.

I set my viewed towards the real-time atomic clock. 2 days later it had been off by 1/2 to at least one second. I additionally such as the energy reserve button around the upper right. Whenever you press it the 2nd hands shifts to point stand-by energy. The 2nd hands does not move until it catches in the actual time, then resumes normally, perfectly in-synch using the actual time. Soon after putting on, the timepiece were built with a month of energy. I checked at the moment and also the watch has four to six month's reserve. Therefore if I'm guessing off for a couple of days (or perhaps a couple of month), the timepiece could keep time.

The photo does not quite get it done justice. Within the Amazon . com phone, the thing is a niche between your dial and outer ring using what seems to become bracket for holding the dial in position. My watch does not have this gap and appears better consequently.

Before my Omega these watch would be a Breitling. I'm now intrigued these less expensive watches. Because of the cost, I'm considering sampling a Citizen Eco-Drive along with a low-cost Swiss automatic (or any other Seiko) with leather, canvas and rubber bands to provide me more casual to formal options. For now, the SKA371 may be the multi-purpose tool which will suit you perfectly for me personally.

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